Elemental Scientific Lasers Elemental Scientific Lasers
With product offerings including UV femtosecond, 193nm Excimer, 213nm and 266nm solid state, and infra-red laser ablation Elemental Scientific has a complete product portfolio, with hardware and software commonality supplied via the use of the NWR platform.
Teledyne Cetac Technologies Teledyne Cetac Technologies
Teledyne CETAC Technologies, provides laser ablation systems ranging from CO2 and diode lasers, through 213 nm solid state Nd:YAG, 193 excimer laser systems and femtosecond laser systems. In addition to this, the company provides accessories to enhance the capabilities of laser ablation systems.
Agilent Agilent
Agilent ICP-MS systems utilize innovative technology to deliver excellent sensitivity, accuracy, ease of use and productivity. Our 7800 and 7900 quadrupole ICP-MS systems offer the highest matrix tolerance, widest dynamic range and most effective interference removal for trace elements across most typical applications. The 8900 Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS (ICP-QQQ) adds MS/MS operation, providing precise control of reaction cell processes to ensure the most consistent and accurate results, resolving interferences that are beyond the capability of quadrupole and sector-field high resolution ICP-MS.
Nu is a market leading designer and manufacturer of high performance mass spectrometers and accessories. Nu is dedicated to producing state-of-the-art scientific instruments for a variety of analytical applications. Nu have built a reputation for carefully designing instruments of the highest performance that take the shortest time to install and have a reliability that our competitors find difficult to match.
Australian Scientific Instruments Australian Scientific Instruments
RESOlution Laser Ablation Instruments for LA-ICP-MS. With an outstanding cell design, a powerful excimer laser and exceptional software, a RESOlution instrument is your best choice for scientific research and industrial analysis.
The icpTOF is an inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) that couples the source and interface hardware of a Thermo Scientific iCAP RQ to a TOFWERK TOF mass analyzer. The iCAP RQ hardware provides versatile sample introduction, robust ICP, simple access to cones and lenses and the Q-cell technology.
Analytik Jena Analytik Jena
Established in 1970, Quantel is a recognized expert in the manufacturing of solid-state lasers for various applications. For ablation, Quantel proposes a wide range of pulsed Nd:YAG lasers, flashlamp or diode-pumped. The user can choose among several energies (from 50mJ to 2.5J), several wavelengths (213nm, 266nm, 355nm, 532nm, 1064nm), at repetition rates from single shot to 200Hz. The recent business combination with Keopsys will create new synergies for new products.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Thermo Fisher Scientific
Symalab Symalab
Symalab is a manufacturer and distributor of parts and technical consumables for EA-IRMS, ICP/ICP-MS. We manufacture PureProtec© hood for protecting ICP/ICP-MS autosampler and we distribute also Altec AMA 254 mercury Analyzer. Since year 2018, we are official dealer of GBC equipments range such like ICP-TOF-MS GBC Optimass 9600.
UT2A Training & Consulting UT2A Training & Consulting
UT2A Training & Consulting, training centre, spin-off of the University of Pau (UPPA), is born from researchers' willing to share their know-how in the fields of inorganic analysis and speciation. With more than 15 years of experiment in the organization of training courses, and accompanied by experts more and more numerous in other analytical sciences than those who constitute our heart of business, we are at your disposal to help you developing the field of your technical and analytical activities.
The ALPHA-RLH Competitiveness Cluster works with companies and laboratories in setting up, evaluating and funding innovative projects. It also provides support to SME members internationalizing and exporting to global markets. ALPHA-RLH is structured around two key Strategic Fields of Activity: Photonics-Lasers and Microwaves-Electronics, with the support of digital tools, and promotes the notion of collaborative innovation for the purposes of four applied markets: Health (Medical Devices and Autonomy), Communication-Security, Aeronautics-Space-Defense and Energy-Smart Buildings.
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