The scientific committee is soliciting bids to host the 15th European Workshop on Laser Ablation (EWLA) in 2020. 

Bids for 2020 are welcome from individuals or groups who have an association with laser ablation, usually through affiliation with a host institution, typically a university or research centre. Regarding timing, EWLA has a strong preference for the next conference to be held in June or July 2020. Individuals or groups wanting to express interest in hosting the 2020 edition of the conference are encouraged to make this known to the EWLA Scientific Committee before Monday 18th June, 2018.

These proposals will need to make clear in 1 - 2 pages : the suitability and desirability of the host site; who the supporting team will be and why they are well suited to host the conference; what the accommodation and transportation options will be; what options there are for the conference’s social events; what the expected budget is.

Any questions relating to bids should be directed to Christophe Pécheyran : christophe.pecheyran@univ-pau.fr

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